Is it really almost the end of May?

As we approach the end of May, we are into the full swing with our Spring and Summer landscape projects. One thing we can’t forget along the way is to watch the health of our plants to keep them from being attacked by disease and insects. There are some things you can do to help prevent these things from effecting your crops later in the season. Of course, there is never a guarantee that things will be perfect but it sure can help!

*First, rotate your garden veggies. Doing this keeps soil borne diseases from building up year after year in your soil.
*Always try and buy your plants from a reputable plant dealer as you are less likely to have to worry about disease problems.
*Make sure your growing site and conditions are right for the particular plant you are growing.
*If disease is noticed, remove severely damaged leaves. Clean up those leaves and surrounding area because good sanitation is always key! Use a fungicide once disease is noticed. You will want to do this to keep disease from spreading and further injuring your plants. Here at the Nursery, we can help you choose which product will be best for your needs.
*Some diseases are carried by insects that feed on crops. In this case, you must control the insect. This can be confusing, but again, that’s why we are here to help!
*Trees and shrubs can be protected early on with a systemic insecticide. There are many to choose dependent on the type of plant you are treating.

Not only should we worry about our garden and landscape plants but our lawns need care too! Now is a great time to think about Grub Control on your lawn. Not only will this help with the safety of your grass roots but it will kill all those nasty ticks, chiggers and most of all those darn Japanese Beetle while they are still in their pupae form (the stage between an immature and mature insect). We will talk more of those beetles at a later date. It is also about time to start thinking about your second pre-emergent/fertilizer application. Your lawn will appreciate the extra care!

In the meantime, don’t work too hard or stress about the things we can’t control. Mother Nature has a way of slowing us down and teaching us to appreciate ALL her beauty, whether good or bad. Enjoy the weather and don’t forget we are always here to help and answer your questions!!